These conveyor belts, made of several plies are covered with pressed, 15 mm high strips arranged in a reverse chevron pattern. They are capable of holding transported materials on 20° to 40° grades.The abrasion and cutting resistant rubber is suitable for difficult environments.


These belts, made of several plies, are suitable for use in warehouses and shipping departments. The honeycomb surface and underside with its low friction coefficient for smooth sliding on flat surfaces, rollers etc., are ideal for carrying bags, boxes, packages, crates etc.


These belts, made of 3 or more polyester polyamid plies, are suitable for the application of metal buckets, even at reduced pitches, using bolts with round washers or similar fasteners. They are usually oversized with respect to straight transport requirements, and the lateral covering in contact with th drums is larger to accomodate the countersunk bolt heads.

Elevgum belts are perforated to the customer’s specifications: the holes are pre-treated and the joints can be covered. Due to the detonating atmosphere created by some produts, belts used in silos meet the UNI 8007 antistatic standards